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Venice Carnival

The first time I saw Venice it was Carnival. Like an aristocratic lady - aware of her opulent beauty - Venice that...

Sant'Ambrogio 2016 MN Maria Novozhilova   01 |

Did you know that Milan has a special day for setting up Christmas decorations? While the rest of...

ARSENALE 2016 01 BEST OF ARSENALE template MN Maria Novozhilova |

If you still haven’t visit the 15th Venice Biennale, you are running out of time. Only few days...

Slovenian Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2016   MN Maria Novozhilova   01 |

After having spent some time with your head in the clouds at the Swiss Pavilion, spying on...

02 STREET ART IN FLORENCE MN Maria Novozhilova |

In these past years, the notion of a street has shifted far from an idea of something outside and...

04 venice VENICE BIENNALE MN Maria Novozhilova vert |

Would you ever believe that somebody could drill a hole in the centuries-old roof of Venice...

01 Japanese Pavilion Venice Biennale MN Maria Novozhilova |

Japan’s national participation at “Reporting From The Front” in Venice looks as an out of scale...

01 SWISS BIENNALE 2016 MN Maria Novozhilova |

This year Venice Biennale brings you to cloud nine. Literally!

 01 LIMESTONE Arsenale Venice Biennale 2016 template MN Maria Novozhilova |

Can you imagine a vault made of rock that stands strong without any mortar? If not, than go to...

 01 stanze 21TRIENNALE Maria Novozhilova |

Have you ever thought about a perfect place to live in? Contemporary Italian architects constantly...

01 venice Alejandro Aravena |

Did you know that the introductory rooms of the 2016 Biennale Architettura were built with 100...

02 Triennale Expo   MN Maria Novozhilova |

How often did you hear that we are not supposed to touch anything in a museum? Do not do this, do...