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Mille Miglia Historical Car Race

Italy has it all! Food, fashion, design, sea, mountains… and cars! Yes, small Italy is one of the world’s biggest capitals of car industry. And precisely for this reason it constantly comes up with great ideas, peculiar auto shows and inventive related events.
One of the most particulars car events of Italy is so-called “Mille Miglia” (or “Thousand Miles”). It is a loop race of retro cars that passes through the whole “boot”. It starts and ends in the northern Brescia, and runs clockwise through such famous Italian cities as Verona, Ravenna, Rimini, Rome, Siena, Pisa and Parma.

The tradition of “Mille Miglia” rallying counts over 80 years. The first race, although rather different from the today’s competition, took place in far 1927.
The latest 2015 edition ended not too long ago. This year the event took place from 14 to 17 of May. 435 teams from numerous countries competed within 4 days on the 1,780 km route.

This years the first to cross the finish line was the Argentine crew. Juan Tonconogy e Guillermo Berisso won the ralley driving beautiful Bugatti T 40 made in 1927. The silver medal took the Italian team from Brescia: Andrea Vesco and Andrea Guerini on their FIAT 514 MM 1930. The third place took the crew of Ezio and Caterina Moglia Martino Salviato riding Bugatti T 40 1928.

However, “Mille Miglia” regularity race for classic and vintage cars is only one among many events that Italy can offer to motor enthusiasts. Just to name some other events not to miss, one could mention F1 Gran Premio d’Italia (or the Italian Grand Prix) that takes place in Monza every September and MilanoAutoClassica, a new 3-days spring motor-show of Milan. And don’t forget about Modena motor-valley and its numerous legendary museums. Iconic Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and many other symbols of car-world all wait for you to be discovered!

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