Food and Wine

Italy’s Cuisine and Wine is loved throughout the world. A visit to Italy and an immersion in this cuisine, with its rich diversity and magical flavors can truly can be a palate changing experience. From the Famous Bolognese sauce in Bologna, to the ocean fresh seafood of Amalfi,  to the renowned flavors of Tuscany,  the Italian Cuisine is as diverse as the landscape. This uniqueness is best expressed in Italy’s amazing and globally adored wines. Region to region, town to town, village to village. The great wines change almost as often as the landscapes. True wine lovers have flocked to Italy for years and the influence of Italian winemakers can be felt as far away as Napa. To sip a regional wine in a local shop, to visit wineries centuries old and taste wines made with love by generations of master wine makers is one of life’s subtle and beautiful pleasures. The sites and the land draw the traveler to Italy, but it is truly the Cuisine and the Wine that makes the traveler fall in Love.  A life long love affair awaits.