Tours and Shore Excursions

The geography and the history of Italy are inner twined. Tour guides with an understanding and appreciation for this marriage, with both a working knowledge of the land and a respect for its rich history, are important to creating the best tour Italy has to offer. Whether it is a private tour of the Vatican Museums or a group visit to the ruins in Pompeii, you’ll find that by using the best, most knowledgeable guides, your enjoyment is enhanced and the experience becomes a journey of discovery. As famous as the land of Italy, is the water surrounding it. Italy boasts some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, with its sparkling clear water and amazing beaches and rock formations. The Amalfi coast is the most famous of these coastlines attracting dreamers and lovers for centuries.

When arriving by cruise ship for a fabulous shore excursion to any of Italy amazing ports you’ll enjoy the best drivers and guides to help you maximize your time on shore, allowing you to enjoy the magical paradise with ease.