Inferno Tour of Florence

Itinerary Details

In this exclusive tour you will explore the sites from the Dan Brown novel, Inferno and follow the footsteps of Robert Langdon while in Florence. Your guide will meet you on the Ponte Vecchio to show you the secret passageway used by the characters in the novel to escape the police and will introduce you to the symbols hidden in the frescoes of the Palazzo Vecchio, Florentine town hall and key settings of the book. Inside the palace, it will be exciting to see the unique room of the five hundreds, changed by Cosimo the first of the Medici to show his power and whose ceiling was broken in the book by the assassin of Langdon. You will visit Cosimo’s neighborhood and church, learn and be surprised by the amount of signs and clues still present in the old city, the ones Langdon deciphered as part of his quest in the street of Florence. This tour includes a visit to the interior of the Baptistry and the Gates of Paradise, ending in the cathedral, under Brunelleschi's dome, where another interpretation of Dante's Inferno was depicted by Vasari in his Last Judgment. This tour is an exquisite journey through the magic and secrets of Florence. For fans of the novel or lovers of mystery, this tour is a must.