Tour of Bolgheri Superior Tuscan Wine

Itinerary Details

Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Macchiole, Argentieri, some of the most celebrated wines of the world. During this tour you will visit this beautiful wine production area by the southern coast of Tuscany. A great way to discover a less known side of Tuscany and great Superior Tuscan Wines.

The driver-guide will pick you up at your hotel and he'll drive you west of Florence, to the beautiful Tuscan coast, south of Pisa. We'll first go to the charming town of Bolgheri. This is the land of the most celebrated Super Tuscan wines, such as Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Macchiole, Argentieri. Loose yourself in the gorgeous countryside with rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves, and all this only a few miles from the beach. The Bolgheri area is never crowded like Florence, Pisa, or San Gimignano, so people can deeply enjoy the flavour of Tuscany. Here you will find the modern and the ancient Tuscany: also along the coast there are many traces of the ancestors of this region: the Etruscans. Then enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the hill towns, or by the Mediterranean, the option is yours.