Vasari Corridor and Uffizi Gallery Guided Visit

Itinerary Details

You will start your visit at the Palazzo Pitti through the Palazzo Vecchio where you are greeted by stunning 16th century architecture.  Crossing over the Ponte Vecchio you will see the details of the Palace of the Uffizi, designed by Giorgio Vasari.  Within the walls, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and the Allegory of Spring are two beautiful women waiting for your visit.  This tour continues through the rooms of Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael’s works.  Within the Vasari Corridor, its history is revealed.  It was created to celebrate the marriage of Francis I and Joan of Austria. It was designed to give Florence a beautiful feather in its cap that would allow the ruling family to travel between the offices and their home above the mere mortals below. Finally, you will be able to view the Boboli Gardens in all their glory.