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4 STAR HISTORICAL RESIDENCE in San Casciano Val di Pesa
If you want to have the ultimate experience in the Tuscan countryside then you might want to check out the Villa il Poggiale located just a stone’s throw from Florence in the countryside of Tuscany. Located in the beautiful San Casciano Val di Pesa, this four star bed and breakfast is a real treat. The villa itself is a rustic jewel, built out of old fieldstone and ancient timbers. The traditional tiled room gives it that rural Italian charm.

When checking in to the Villa Poggiale, you will discover that the rooms are not classified as they typically are in a high luxury hotel. Whatever room you choose to reserve in this wonderful villa you will be immersed in the country charm. The rooms are classified below:

-The Country Classic Rooms are a variety of different colors and tones. All the bedding is made from the finest linens and many of the tones can be warm. The rooms are large and have a terra cotta tile floors with a canape queen size bed. The country classic rooms also have a sofa and sitting area and a private bath;
-The Country Superior Rooms are a larger room than the country classics. The country superior rooms come with two queen size canape beds and a single bed in a separate extension of the room. The country superior rooms come with a lavish and elegant bathroom which feature an old fashioned footed bathtub and a bidet along with a toilet and sink;
- The Junior Suites have a delightful rustic feel to them and can have a door which opens to a private terrace, where you can enjoy the wonderful Italian countryside;
- The Tuscan Hills Junior Suite is the junior suite in the second villa on the property. These suites are located in the Tuscan Hills Villa, which overlooks the hilly Tuscan countryside;
- The Suites are the most elegant and finest of all the rooms at the Villa Poggiale. These suites have all the amenities you could want in a country villa and feature a timber ceiling and a king size canape bed. The suites also have a private bathroom and cozy ambiance.

For a bed and breakfast, the Villa il Poggiale is like a small luxury hotel with the bucolic feel. The villa is equipped with all the amenities you would need to live the high life, including a pool. All the amenities are listed below:

- Fine dining can be experienced in the villa’s own unique restaurant. The vegetables provided for the unique Tuscan meals served at the villa come from its own organic garden, ensuring fresh tasting vegetables and other delicious delights. Several meals are served at the villa’s restaurant and they are the following:

- Breakfast is served on a sumptuous breakfast buffet filled with all kinds of delightful home made Tuscan goodies. Some of the items on the buffet include pastas with ricotta cheese, honey, and prosciutto from the villa’s own garden and neighboring organic farms. The chef of the villa’s restaurant uses home made recipes given to him by his mother and grandmother to bring you delicious pastries with apples, cinnamon, chocolate, and brioches;
- The Villa il Poggiale Restaurant provides you the best Tuscan delicacies available, made by the chef’s own family recipes. You can enjoy your lunch and dinner from a marvelous buffet with all kinds of dishes which represent the wonderful rustic delights of Tuscany;
- Tea time is also offered in the villa’s restaurant and the staff has a wide variety of teas available with wonderful home made snacks every afternoon;
- Cooking lessons are also available if you choose to learn how to prepare some of these delightful recipes. You can also enjoy your efforts at dinner. Cooking classes are available upon request only;
- The wellness center which is part of the Villa Poggiale is a real treat to your body. The villa’s wellness center comes complete with a humid sauna, revitalizing wine extract mists, hydrotherapy, and more;
- The garden and pool of the Villa il Poggiale gives the best character of the Tuscan gentleman’s home. With the villa’s garden and pool, you can enjoy the gorgeous countryside of Tuscany.