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Italy is known for great art. Viewing famous pieces from Michelangelo or Raphel is often the draw for visitors. But contemporary art is bringing experiences like no other, more recently with Christo and Jeane-Claude’s 2016’s Floating Piers on Lake Iseo. In Rome the Chiostro del Bramante raises the bar with their latest interactive and site specific contemporary art installation Enjoy: Art meets Amusement. 

On Instagram, images under the exhibit hashtag #enjoychiostro peak curiosity. Inviting world renowned artists with the theme “the pursuit of amusement as driven elsewhere/other than itself” the Chiostro was transformed with site specific pieces. The exhibit takes spectators on a journey to worlds within worlds, often turning spectators into part of the artwork.  

The Chiostro del Bramante has been known for other installations but this theme seeks an exploration of both art and experience.  “Pleasure, game, fun, excess dimensions have always been fundamental elements in art. Art drowns in sorrow but feeds on pleasures. Illusion is a transparency that misshapes reality, it’s a semblance in which everything is possible, suggesting either the doubt of a riddle or the smile of a surprise,” says Danilo Eccher, the exhibition’s curator. Visitors can expect a variety of mediums and be certain they are in for a surprise. 

The installation runs through February 25, 2018 with special opening and events each month. Family tickets, guided tours, educational groups and teachers are available. But most importantly, visitors can expect to have a once in a lifetime experience that the artists hope they enjoy. 

For more information on booking please contact Cultural Italy. 

Jennie Olson Six
Cultural Italy Staff Writer
Instagram: jennieosix

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2017 September 23 - 2018 February 25