Becoming the Art: The Klimt Experience


To see the iconic art of Gustav Klimt in person, the detail of the mosaic like layers of gold-leaf of his famous works like The Kiss gives an appreciation of the artistry. But something unique is going inside the art itself, something that technology gives attendees of The Klimt Experience. The exhibit seeks to give attendees an immersive technological encounter to both illuminate the art and the artist himself.

The exhibit hopes to give participants a chance to discover things about the art and artist with a 45-minute multimedia experience, enveloping the audience in sights and sounds. Hosted in a church-like building (The Monumental Complex of San Giovanni Addolorata) participants can opt for a virtual reality experience. Using the Oculus Samsung Gear VR, participants can sensate entering the work, creating a captivating exploration of the landscape and texture of art from the inside. 

For an artist such as Klimt, this unique idea would surely have been embraced by him. In his writing "Commentary on a non-existent self-portrait", he states "I have never painted a self-portrait. I am less interested in myself as a subject for a painting than I am in other people, above all women...There is nothing special about me. I am a painter who paints day after day from morning to night...Who ever wants to know something about me... ought to look carefully at my pictures."

Created by Cross Media Group, that created similar installations with works from Monet, the company attempts to use technology in ways to educate in delightful and appealing ways. With over 300 works of Klimt, to offer a three-dimensional experience will leave participants with a new feeling of the art and the artist. Recently a Klimt drawing "Zwei Liegende" was found after being 'lost' for more than 50 years. This discovery only furthers the evocative nature of Klimt's work. The Klimt Experience provides a dream like encounter transporting audiences through Gustav Klimt's work.  

Running now through June 10th 2018 in Rome, contact Cultural Italy for tickets.

Jennie Olson Six
Cultural Italy Staff Writer
Instagram: jennieosix