Bonnie Furner

JUNE 2018

Hi Emanuela! 


We had a fantastic journey, full of blessings and joy!

Everything was GREAT!

Milan: big city. 3 days too much for us. LOVED The Last Supper!  The Galleria/Church/Scala theater were lovely. INCREDIBLE SUN DIAL in the church! Paul loved the ancient baptismal in the basement.  Big store Peck was fascinating. Had a FABULOUS lunch at S Francersco near the galleria.  I would add that to your list. It was actually one of my FAVORITE meals of the trip. We took a side trip to one of the museums where there was a Albrecht Durer exhibit and saw also the library  exhibit of Leonardo. So interesting. We took the metro and walked a lot. The Westin Milan was fabulous. 

Lake Como:


Loved the hotel!!!! Incredible view from the room and was like a PALACE inside! The breakfasts were lavish.....wonderful! Had honey from a honey comb first time ever. Yum...Loved the private boat trip!!! Helped us get oriented....Be sure to tell people how easy the ferries are. We didn't figure that out till later on. Had a WONDERFUL meal at the hotel twice. Had a FABULOUS meal at Suisse in Bellagio.

LOVED the guide David. He was a REAL Italian! ha. Had a nice lunch with him at the top of the town. The Gorge of Orrido was fascinating. We didn't make it to Como. A  reason to go back. Be sure to tell people about the silk scarves famous there. I got a few :)....Beautiful! The transfer to Milan was great. 

The Bay of Silence was incredible and the room overlooked it. We ate lunch the first day at the Ristorante der Castelli (a Michelin) for lunch and it was GREAT! We LOVED the guide Max!!! So kind and informative. Was so good at relaying the struggles of the people of the CT region. The wine was great! The Private Sail was GREAT fun! The captains Roberto and Leonardo were super. Fun day all together.



Location was primo! Had one of our BEST meals at Coquinarius. Found on Trip Advisor.  The rest of the nights we "winged it" and just ate where it looked busy but that was a mistake. You might tell people to look at Trip Advisor or your recs BEFORE going to have a plan mapped out.  The walking tour with Laura was INCREDIBLE and I got to finally see David. It was a thrill! Paul also saw an incredible Rembrandt that he has wanted to see forever. Laura was so so good.  Great first day. Then we felt like we never had enough time to see Florence after that because of the day trips we had. I would have liked one more day in Florence or cut out one of the day trips, but THAT WAS WHAT I ASKED for! We never got in the Duomo. Wanted to see the Church also where Michelangelo was buried. Got to see the square with the bronze David and view of the city. Incredible. Loved Sienna and San G. Fun shopping and history. We didn't each lunches but chose to just look and see. The chianti wine tastings were so so great!  Pisa was a very quick look, climb, see but worth it. We got lost in Lucca.... Sat for a glass of wine at noon and then when we were ready to shop realized they all close till 3. I had wanted to see the antique stores but didn't get to. Probably for the best ($$$$).  We absolutely LOVED our guide Giacomo. He was FANTASTIC (except needs to tell people about the stores closing). He was a great driver and very knowledgeable. We all connected and hope to see him in San Antonio sometime. We were grateful we didn't have to take the train to Rome and the cheese farm was one of our favorite places. The views were heavenly and the food and wine so terrific. A highlight! Montalcino was great!



The Hassler was over the top great! Loved being 20 minutes walk from everything! All the tours were fantastic. The opera was so fun and the food tour was great! Would have been better the first night. Rome is exhausting to see but so full of greatness! We loved it. Again we didn't eat anywhere special and probably should have planned better....

We spent time in the Ghetto (Jewish) area that our guide Manuela told us about. We saw the synagogue.  We are not Jewish but it was interesting. The vatican tour was fantastic. The Pieta was my very favorite memory of the entire trip. Moving...Manuela was GREAT! So smart and full of information. Loved her too!

Loved Eden Roc. Loved the hotel staff, especially Pascal. So professional! The Capri cruise was good but too long. Shopping free time 4 hrs there was a waste for us. Too touristy for us. Blue grotto overrated. Captain was great. Fellow passengers were super. Fun day but didn't get back till 7pm. Hotel restaurant was great! Ate there first 2 nights (got in late first night and boat late second night). Anniversary was great. The driver, Joseppi, who we liked alot, got lost going to the winery and they were upset when we got there but the vines were amazing and one of the owners sat with us later and we ended up having a great time. We visited Ravello and loved it. No traffic noise. I would want to stay there next time  The highlight of our anniversary was dinner at San Pietro. One of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It was most special and the weather was perfect. They had a driver take us back and forth and it was primo. Loved it.

I bagged the Path of the God's Hike because my knees by this time were very swollen after CinqueT and all the walking. Paul went and said it was SPECTACULAR. He did great and the guy couldn't believe he was 71, (but he is still groaning) Ha.

The early drive out of Amalfi and flight out of Naples was great for us. I had been worried about the traffic.

The trip was a smashing success and the absolute TRIP OF A LIFETIME Emanuela. I can't thank you enough for all you did to help make it a favorite memory of my life. 

Un Abbraccio!