Did you know that Sicily is the motherland of Cyclops? At least according to the legend. Ready to find out whether those mythological giants with a single eye in the center of the forehead really existed?

Nothing better than unveiling a myth can be added to this beautiful holiday spent on the beach in complete relaxation.

Joining the Sicilians on the Sicilian coast you will have plenty of such opportunities and you will hear a lot of beautiful stories that you will want to believe. Among all, the fascinating myth about Cyclops deserves a special place because … suspicious skulls actually had been found in ancient times.

And not just one skull but many of them- some, larger than the human one and having only one central single hole at eye level.

The ancients found indeed many fossil remains of dwarf elephants (or mydriasis elephant) that used to inhabit those lands. A large proboscis hole at the center of the skull would have been mistaken for an orbital cavity and therefore attributed to gigantic beings with only one eye.

The elephant, symbol of the city of Catania, seems to be a further confirmation that during upper Paleolithic era, elephants were part of the local fauna. Besides, seismic and eruptive phenomena provoked by Mount Etna and other volcanic formations (but then inexplicable) have been mistaken for misbehavior of those gigantic creatures.

Maria Novozhilova
twitter: @NovozhilovaM