Duomo di Como


Some people say that all Italian towns are the same. All have narrow streets leading to a central piazza and a Cathedral - True. However, it doesn’t mean Italian architecture is boring. On the contrary! Each Italian city has its own magic townscape bringing you to the heart of its unique history and culture epitomized and crystalized into the single beauty of its Duomo. Besides, if you add to this “routine set” a mountain backdrop and fresh lake air you will have an even better place, a very special one like lago di Como.

No matter how you will reach your destination, by train, by boat or by car, you can’t miss the central piazza and the snow-white pearl Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta. Spectacular (because there is no other word to describe it) Duomo di Como, is 87 m long, from 36 to 56 m wide, and 75 m tall. Located only 3-minute walk from the lake shore, it was constructed between 1396 and 1770, and considered nowadays as one of the most important monuments of the region.

After having admired it from inside and outside don’t miss the bird-eye-view on the Cathedral from the top of the mountains. Just few minutes from the city center you can enjoy the Funicolare Como-Brunate (built in 1894) which will bring you 500 m higher on the top of the hill. The aerial view of the Duomo, of the city, of the lake and the panorama of a one of a kind mountain is absolutely breathtaking. 


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