Giulietta Alfa Romeo: from Beijing to Paris


Giulietta Alfa Romeo: from Beijing to Paris

On March 4, under the new skyscraper of Regione Lombardia in Milan, Alfa Romeo celebrated the upcoming start of the greatest motoring adventure “Peking to Paris - 2016”. The legendary “Giulia” was the star of the event. This car, in fact, will run for the Italian crew.

The “Peking to Paris” automobile race is unbelievably long. It is about 9,317 miles (14,994 km) and links Peking, now Beijing, and Paris. The first race was held in 1907. Since then, the event did not take place for many decades due to the political condition of the Euro-Asian continent. It was only in 1990 that the race was reestablished. The next editions followed in 1997, 2005, 2007. “Peking to Paris-2016” is, therefore, only the 6th edition of the contest.

If you missed the event and did not see the beautiful Italian Giulietta and its retro silhouettes this Friday, don’t get upset. Italy, the motherland of the motor industry, is full of appealing events. Here are some spots worth taking a look: AutoClassica Milano, showcases the most famous vintage cars, Ferrari Museums in Modena has the fastest engines ever and Mille Miglia Historical Car Race covering the whole Italy. 

Maria Novozhilova


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