A Green Escape on the Liguria Coast


A green escape on the Liguria cost.
This garden counts over 5,800 plant species. It measures 18,800 hectares you will need the whole day to explore it. However, besides a huge variety of acclimatized medicinal and fruit plants coming from different climatic zones of the world, it also has a spectacular view of the sea. And just like a cherry on the cake, an elegant orange villa rises up from this green jungle known as Hanbury Botanical Gardens.

The whole garden, protected today by various Italian institutions, used to be a private residence belonging to an English merchant family. One day while he was sailing on the sea, Sir Thomas Hanbury spotted the spectacular small and steep peninsula jutting southwards from an altitude of 103 meters down into the Mediterranean waters. This is how the glorious history of this unbelievable place began.

It took years and years of hard work and a huge effort from a number of people to create  this place, including pharmacologist Daniel Hanbury (Sir Thomas’s brother), the botanist and landscape designer Ludwig Winter, and other scientists and theirs family members. Their great passion refined taste, are seen today in every single masterpiece detail of the park.

Just to mention some, stunning “la topia”, the Europe’s longest pergola with stone pillars, numerous elegant fountains and the sea-view terraces are only few pearls of the property now open for public.

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