Italy Under the Snow


As the legendary tenor Luciano Pavarotti helped us to remember through his songs, Italy is the country of “O Sole Mio”. However sunny Rome, Napoli, Venice and Milan have celebrated the beginning of Spring (the 1st of March according to the meteorological calendar) with nothing else but a real snowstorm. For several days in a row (from the very end of February till the beginning of March), Italy’s major cities have been completely covered in white. In many cases heavy snowfall has provoked a sort of a complete blackout. Streets became empty. School was cancelled. Parks and gardens were closed for visitors. Besides random snowmen, you could hardly spot outside anybody else. But not only that... the snow turned Italy also into a romantic wonderland with a unique and almost unbelievable scenery.

I don’t know how many decades we are going to wait to see Roman Colosseum or Venice Piazza San Marco sprinkled with snow again. It was incredible! If you missed it, just check some hashtags such as #NeveaRoma #NeveaNapoli #NeveaVenezia #NeveaMilano (neve = snow in Italian). Indeed, from the unexpected winter comeback, we have only pictures left. Snow has already melted getting the country ready for the real Spring that will start on the 21st of March according to the astronomical reckoning, the only reckoning that Italians believe in.

Maria Novozhilova


twitter: @NovozhilovaM