Joan Harrison

JUNE 2018


Now that I have been home a few days, I will try to collect my thoughts and give you a recap and evaluation of our experience.

 First of all, I am now spoiled and do not think I can travel any other way! From the beginning, you have been both professional and patient. You listened to our wishes and made it happen - even when we changed our plans (often!).  

The travel packet with all of our vouchers, tickets, itinerary, and instructions  was concise, and very easy to follow. The tours were absolutely wonderful, very informative and , for the most part, we were in a small group (if not just us). The drivers were all very professional, polite and helpful - when we were late in getting back to our hotel in Sorrento to go to Naples - the ferry was an hour late due to weather, the driver waited at the hotel for us! We were very appreciative of that! Each hotel was unique in its own way - but all were clean and met our needs (although, the one in Rome with two bedrooms, two baths, and a kitchen with a washer was outstanding!) 

This trip was  a "gift" to my daughter and grandkids, and what you and your company did for us exceeding our expectations.  We now all have at least a "taste" of Italy-  and the grandkids have seen the country of their grandparents. 

Venice - hotel on Grand Canal - great walking in narrow streets and tour of  islands very interesting-and they loved mask-making

Florence - we wished we had more time there, but the tour we took was fantastic- 

Tuscany - beautiful scenery, "farm" accommodations were excellent and , of course, swimming pool was loved.  Skip the line tickets to Tower of Pisa much appreciated..

Rome - the kids were right up to the barrier when the Pope passed (not more than 4-5 feet!), Vatican tour was perfect and the Gladiator school was their highlight! Rained the night of Colosseum  - but I guess you can't control everythingImage removed by sender. *:) happy

Sorrento - Hotel was outstanding, balcony with a spectacular view and we spent last day at a small coastal town 

The only "problem" was created by me with the car rental - I take ownership of that, but I do appreciate that you could get me a refund - again, just tells me what a top-notch company you work for. 

So, if you are asking me if I would recommend you/your company - in a heartbeat. 

On a scale of 1-10, your rating would be 11-beyond perfect.  Thank you so much for your part in making this gift truly a "lifetime experience". 

Nicole will add her comments at a later date...but,for me, I couldn't have been more pleased with what you provided.