Katie Voss

JULY 2018

Hi Emanuela, 

We had a terrific trip.  

Jim and I really appreciated all the tour guides, everyone was knowledgeable and we enjoyed that most of them were natives to the towns they were guiding in.

Jim particularly liked Lorenzo and the Sienna/San Gimegnano excursion, I particularly liked Monica's family tour of Venice & Murano, and the night tour of Rome and the Colosseum. 

The kids say they liked the Capri cruise the best, and the accommodations, particularly L'Oralogio where they had their own room. 

The pacing of the trip was great, we felt like there was an appropriate amount of time between activities and in each location.

Trains and transfers were smooth and easy. 

Loved how centrally located all the accommodations were.

We really appreciated having a schedule where someone else decided what we were doing! 

Thank you for designing a great vacation!

Thanks again!