Kenneth Malm

MARCH 2018

Buon Giorno Pia,
WOW! That was easily the best trip of my life. We are in love with Italy! Your arrangements were perfect. We're so glad we found you. The tour guides were all great. They were enthusiastic & all passionate about their own cities. We had a much better experience than if we toured sites on our own as they showed us the special places & we learned so much more about the things we were seeing. The accommodations were very good. We had some incredible meals, in both small local eateries & upscale places. I had the best meal of my life (I am a lifelong foodie) at La Bottega del Buon Caffe in Florence. OMG! Pricey. but worth it for a foodie. See my review on Trip Advisor. The Italian people are so nice & friendly. If they couldn't understand us, rather than being annoyed (may I say like I'm told the French are. Sorry for my bias.), they would be apologetic & go out of their way to help us. All 3 cities were clean & safe. Walking at night was never a concern (though I'm sure there are bad places in Rome). The drivers were all excellent & helpful. (It was almost surrealistic to be in a water taxi on the almost deserted Grand Canal in Venice at 3:30 am on our way home). As you told me Rome was amazing with its layers of history! We didn't have anywhere near as much time as we needed to explore the city. I guess we'll have to go back.

We plan on going again soon but on a bit more of a budget. We'll call you then.

By the way, do you have other places we should visit? Cinque Terra? Amalfi Coast? Bologna? Milano? Siena? More time in Tuscany? Are there any other guided city tours in Rome?

Gratzie & Ciao,