Linda Repka

JUNE 2018

Dear Fiorella and Franca:

I have been meaning to write to you to express our graditude for the wonderful trip you prepared for us!

We can't say enough about how smoothly the logistics played out.  Every guide and driver you set up for us was prompt and professional.  Every hotel you chose for us exceeded our expectations. We enjoyed the hospitality at each hotel and loved having breakfast included each day.   Having train tickets, museum vouchers and guided tours reserved for us made our day to day adventures effortless! We have all ready recommended your agency to some friends! 

Since we got home I have posted some pictures on Facebook. I am going to tag Cultural Italy in my album today so that you can see some of our photos.  We took SO many photos of your beautiful country. This is just a small sample! Everyday we share memories of our trip with co-workers and friends. The history, culture and beauty of Italy will remain with us always!

Thanks again for your part in creating this fabulous vacation! 

Bests regards,

Linda Repka