Matt Cia

JULY 2018

Hi Roberta,

Our trip was wonderful!  We liked getting in the tours and larger cities first with a little bit of calmness on the Amalfi coast and finishing with Lucca which was a much slower pace and much needed after Florence.
The transportation worked out perfect.  They were always on time and waiting for us and that made things very smooth.  The only issue we had was the rental car was really tight.  It fit 7 people but there was no room for luggage and we only carried on a bag  per person but we made it work.  It was just crammed tight.
The tours in Rome and our tour guide was outstanding.  Same in Florence, but after the tours in Rome, Florence seemed a bit less exciting, but very beautiful.  We actually ended up in Florence on St. Johns Day and got to see some beautiful fireworks.  Pompeii was amazing.  We wished we had an extra hour or two to finish walking around to see the rest of the ruins but it was amazing to see.
It was a trip that we will always remember!!  We’ve passed your name on to some of our friends and really appreciate your service, thoroughness and planning. 
Let me know if you are looking for any other specific feedback and I’d be happy to provide it.