Medieval, wild and magic: Rocchetta Nervina in Liguria


Medieval, wild and magic: Rocchetta Nervina in Liguria

If you are looking for a medieval town surrounded by an incredible nature (and tracking paths) with a very special festival that takes place once a year, Rocchetta Nervina in Liguria is the right place for you.
As any authentic medieval borgo this place is a small pearl hidden somewhere in the mountains. This atypical town is an adventure, difficult to reach but full of emotions. Located on a bank of a torrent famous with its pure and healing waters (according to a legend), nowadays it’s populated with only 274 permanent residents. The low ratio of the population makes this town seems even more magic. Just like in a movie, you can stroll all alone through narrow traffic-free streets and the townscape is filled with thousand year old stones.

However, don’t think Rocchetta is an empty “film stage” all year round. Not at all! Being just 15 km away from the Mediterranean Sea cost, it offers an alternative adventure rich with breezy air and refreshing lakes during the summer. This borgo, attracts a large number of tourists tired of a conventional sea-side laziness. 

Only here you will find a wild atmosphere of an intact nature and crystalline waters reflecting the blue of the sky and the green of the woods - not to mention the uniqueness of the trails starting from Rocchetta Nervina.
To give a more intriguing atmosphere, in mid-August Rocchetta Nervina turns into an enchanted world of fairy tales. The whole village becomes a stage hosting theatrical performances for adults and kids known as “Festival delle Fiabe”.

Maria Novozhilova
twitter: @NovozhilovaM