Melanie Pearce

MAY 2018

We had a great time! Thank you for helping us plan our trip. All the hotels were wonderful and in great locations!

The boat tour in Venice to Murano was a lot of fun. 

All of the food tours and cooking classes were probably our favorite part of the trip. 

The cities themselves were all so different and so beautiful. Florence was by far our favorite city!

The only complaint we had was the security lines to get in some places. I understand about security but to have a “Skip the Lines” tour and have to wait 2 hours to see inside the Duomo or even a 40 minute wait to get inside the Doge’s Palace is not something I want to do. There are too many places and too little time to be standing in lines for that length of time on a 3 hour tour. Our guide in Florence was beyond wonderful as he gave us the option to wait in a very long line of people who were also supposed to “Skip the Lines” or to take us to some other parts of the city that we would also enjoy. That is exactly what we did and it was worth not standing in line, for sure. However, in Venice we weren’t given that option so we just left the tour early and went exploring in our own. 

Again, we loved our trip and the people of Italy were all so kind and gracious. The tours were fun and the gelato and wine were to die for. 

Thank you again for your help in planning our trip.

Melanie Pearce