The Mille Miglia 2020: Drive in This Famous Race!


The Mille Miglia 2020: Drive in this famous race!

You could watch the cars in the historic recreation of the Mille Miglia or be driving one in it. Known as “the most beautiful race in the world” the Mille Miglia (or 1000 miles) takes place this year from May 13 to16. Whether you want to take part as a spectator or participant, this historic rally through Italy attracts car enthusiasts from around the world. 

This year marks the thirty-eighth edition of the historical re-enactment of the race, which was held from 1927 to 1957. Started by the Brescia Automobile Club, the race route travelled south to Rome and back. While no longer a race, this rally features an impressive spectacle with classic cars traversing the natural beauty of Italy, winding through villages with eager spectators watching along the way. 

This year’s event is more exclusive than before. The organizers ensured that the cars participating in the official selections are from the 1927-1957 era. While there are a limited number of modern auto participants, officials felt the need to offer participants a more exclusive experience. According to official press release President Franco Gussalli Beretta explained:

"The edition of the 2020 1000 Miglia … will not betray that feeling of wonder and deep emotion that Italians have always reserved for jewels in the race and who has the ability to lead them. We have decided to further lower the number of racing cars so as to guarantee greater safety, exclusivity and an increase in the quality of the services offered to participants.”  

For the classic car enthusiast, the Miglia is a historic event to feast your eyes on. But those that desire that exclusive participant experience, the Tuscany portion of the rally has spots available for those that dare. An Alfa Romeo or Fiat Spider are some of the choices available for this once in a lifetime opportunity to drive in the Mille Miglia. Be a part of this historic event and contact Cultural Italy to secure your spot. 

Photos courtesy of Miglia S.r.l. All rights reserved.


Jennie Olson Six
Content Writer, Cultural Italy

Jennie Olson Six