Mindcraft in Brera at Milan Design Week 2018


Mindcraft in Brera at Milan Design Week 2018.

Chiostro di San Simpliciano, whose construction started between 374 and 397, is an incredible and ancient place in the heart of Milan’s Brera. Moreover, it is also one of the most intriguing venues of the Milan Design Week 2018.

Open to the public these days, Basilica’s minor chiostro is hosting Mindcraft exhibition promoted by Danish Arts Foundation. It is the 10th Mindcraft edition in Milan. Since 2008 the event has been focusing on the relation between design and craftsmanship.
The title itself, deriving from the word “mind” and “craft”, replaced the artisan expression “handcraft” to underline how conceptual design can join the qualities of craftsmanship.

This year Mindcraft at San Sempliciano, besides the 15 conceptual works chosen for the exhibition, features walls of the cloister completely padded with textiles.

Such a comfortable place to seat and a relax during this busy Furniture Fair days.

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