Rhonda Voss

JUNE 2018


The journey was perfect. 

With one exception, every driver was on time and professional. The guides were superb. We could not have asked for more.

We were amazed at how smoothly things went. I will never travel any other way.  We felt so safe and cared for, and no stress about how to get places, etc. again, the guides were so well versed and educated at each venue.  We felt so special to be 3 of us with a guide. We watched large groups with their ear phones trying to follow someone carting an umbrella and waiting in such long lines. Never.  

You did an incredible job putting together the trip of s lifetime for the 3 generations of Missouri girls. We are grateful for your patience and all your hard work.  I will be sending you some clients.

Grazie. Ciao!


Rhonda Voss