Robert Clima

JULY 2018

Hello Nicoletta,

We had a wonderful time in Italy.
The hotel in Rome was great. The staff was super helpful and friendly. The rooms were very comfortable. The hotel is in a great location. I loved walking to Trevi Fountain early in the morning before the crowd got there. It was beautiful. Our guide Francesca was great. She kept us all interested even the little ones. I would recommend her for families.

The hotel in Venice was also in a great location. I especially enjoyed walking to the Rialto bridge and the market early before the crowd. It was beautiful and amazing to see the boats and the market. The hotel was comfortable and had a great breakfast. The guide was very good. He took us for Cicchetti at the same place my mom and I stopped at the time we were in Venice a couple years back. It was great. All the sites we seen in Rome and Venice were amazing.

The tour in Pulia was great. The guide Christina was great. I would definitely recommend her to others. The mozzarella/focaccia tasting/making was unbelievable. I think that was the best focaccia I ever had. The lite lunch was anything but lite. It was the best lunch we had. Maybe the best meal. The food just kept coming and as full as I was I could not stop eating. The owners of the farm did an incredible job. I will tell my brother Steve he has to go there the next time he goes to his place in Polignano.

We all had a great time. Thank you so much for setting it up for us.

Grazie Mille, Ciao