Sheri Stern

JULY 2018

Buon giorno Martina,

After researching multiple options, we Four American Adventure Friends selected Cultural Italy for our 2-week April vacation, & Martina Nicolini became our Agent. WELL - she did a marvelous job @ creating the perfect custom-designed itinerary based on our “list” we presented of places we wanted to see, as well as making several additional recommendations of “must-sees”; she took distances, ratings, experience, transportation, & price ranges into account in her meticulous planning. Make sure you include a cooking class where you ALSO get to enjoy eating it with the Italian Family who’s teaching the class!! Oh, but there’s MORE . . .

Sadly, 1 week into our vacation, our friend’s Dad died back in the States. So we all scheduled emergency flights back, notified Martina/Cultural Italy, & returned home to be with our friends/family. MARTINA LITERALLY TOOK CARE OF EVERYTHING, sharing her condolences, cancelling arranged tours/reservations, & sending us confirmations of the price of the remaining portion of our trip that we could no longer attend [to submit to our Travel Insurance company]. 

After the funeral & the initial mourning period had concluded, I was unexpectedly able to go on the 2nd leg of my original Journey - to Germany, to visit other friends [not a part of our Cultural Italy tour], flying from the States to Venice to catch my original flight to Germany.

Because I was going to have several hours & an overnight stay in Venice before leaving for Germany, I wanted to make the most of it - so I asked Martina to book me a tour in Venice for that day. She booked me for a tour of Murano & Burano, with STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS for where to buy my bus ticket [@ the local tobacco shop!], where to catch the local bus AND then the Vaporetto, & which statue to meet my tour group guide at - as well as how to do this in reverse @ the end of the tour to return to my hotel! IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY WHERE MANY, BUT NOT ALL, RESIDENTS SPEAK ENGLISH [which is the only language I speak!], I was able to follow Martina’s precise directions BY MYSELF & END UP IN THE RIGHT PLACES @ THE RIGHT TIMES!

Not only did I enjoy a wonderful tour of the 2 Venetian Islands, & many Italian experiences & people, but I also returned safely to my hotel that night, caught my next-morning flight to Germany, AND had an AMAZING emPOWERing ADVENTURE finding my way around Venice!

My friends/husband & I strongly encourage you to consider not only a vacation in Italy, but to utilize the services of Cultural Italy. Of course we think Martina’s the cream of the crop, but I imagine all of the company’s guides are stellar. Best wishes . . . Ciao, Baby!  

Sheri Stern