Six Best Designs With a Sense of Humor From Milan Design Week 2018


Six Best Designs With a Sense of Humor From Milan Design Week 2018.

If you think that Milan Design Week is extremely serious, you are completely wrong. Excitement, divertissements (and bubbles of prosecco) are in the air and in the objects displayed.
Designers from all over the world worked hard, using imagination and inventiveness to craft useful and elegant things with a sense of humor. Huge efforts, courage of experimentation and creativity are behind every object (even the tiniest one) that make you laugh and maybe are so irresistible that you want to bring some of them home.

Because of the peculiarity of these articles, you don’t have to believe what you see - someone didn’t accidentally spilled milk on the display of Kug ceramics collection by Matilda Beckman and Jonatan Nilsson.
Obviously, you will not believe that a gorilla is chewing a chandelier at Rossana Orlandi Gallery. It is “Just a drug” by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba.
Don’t trust that “Bread” chair by Mika Tsutai! It is not edible, instead it’s carved out of solid wood.
You will be impressed but not frightened by 3 m. high monsters made out of wood by architect Stephan Hürlemann and Swiss furniture manufacturer Horgenglarus. Those innocent sculptures function as puppets, with limbs that can be moved using a series of pulleys.
The black and white “Sundial” wall clock by Yoy is not made out of a rod reflecting its shadow - it is just an illusion. Look carefully and you will see the two independently rotating minute and hour hands.

Finally, perhaps my favorite pick from the Milan Design Week 2018, is the Hulot table that resemble a single huge plate ready for serving a meal created by David Degreef. Whit this creation the artist emphasizes the togetherness of family life. Naïf, little nostalgic and very intimate piece:

“A table that is not a table
But tries to be so much more
Practical unpractical
not useful in its usefulness
Just a plate on legs
Making people eat together
Feel together
And that’s the real beauty of it”
Honestly, I would like to share a good home-cooked carbonara with my loved ones now. Would you?

Maria Novozhilova
twitter: @NovozhilovaM