Cilento Coast Tour

Itinerary Details

Cilento National Park, a paradise in Italy...Venture a little further south, to the Cilento, and you discover the rocky coves, wild flowers and superlative seafood restaurants that the Italians have long kept to themselves. The Cilento is largely uncharted territory for international tourism, but the pleasures of the area are to be found in the thrill of discovering tiny villages and the 7th-century Greek temples of Paestum. This stretch of coast offers visitors a genuine welcome that has been lost in the tourist shops of the Bay of Naples, as well as having a cluster of elegant hotels.  This territory is also rich in archaeological sites, such as the Greek temples of Paestum and the Greek city of Velia, in addition to the defense towers against the saracene pirates incursions along the Cilento coast.


The Coast of the Mermaids: Punta Licosa and the Sea Museum
A journey to discover the mythical promontory of Licosa, whose name comes from the mermaid who was swallowed up by the sea right here because of her love for Ulysses. The promontory extends itself over the sea with its Mediterranean maquis, its ruins, and its historical-artistic evidences.
The aquaria of the Sea Museum in Pioppi lead the visitors across the water world and the forms of life populating the sea.

The Pearls of Cilento: The Caves and Castelcivita Historical Town Center
The caves disclose an enchanting underground landscape which has given hospitality to man for 40,000 years.
 A series of galleries, saloons, tight passages and wells create unique places: the Castle Room, the Crocodile Room, the Vegetables Room, the Pagoda. A few miles from the caves lies Castelvicita which, clinging to a rocky spur, overlooks Calore valley underneath.

The Middle of the Earth and Memory: The Gorge of the Stream Sammaro and Roscigno Vecchio
Going down the gorge of the stream Sammaro is like entering the depths of the earth where not fire, but clear and fresh water springs. 
Roscigno Vecchio ghost town is fascinating: it was abandoned a century ago, but today it is reviving thanks to the interest shown by the population of Cilento for their roots and their culture, whose evidences are preserved in the little Ethnographic Museum which has been set up in the town.

Antece Mystery and St. Michael Archangel Cave
Who did sculpt the Antece, the mysterious warrior of "Costa Palomba"? The itinerary leads to Alburni Mountains, which have been inhabited since prehistoric times, towards the enigmatic sculpture which seems to watch over natural beauties such as the big beeches, the overhanging rocks, the caves, the swallow holes, and the beautiful landscapes making Alburni Mountains so fascinating and mysterious.