Sextantio Albergo Diffuso

View of Sextantio Albergo Diffuso

Hotel Description

4 STAR LUXURY HOTEL in Santo Stefano di Sessanio
Experience a completely rustic vacation in a "diffused hotel" that is set in an abandoned village and that has been restored to its original conditions, complete with its own restaurant, cantinone (cantina), tea room, artisan shops, and wellness center. Sextantio also offers itself as a perfect location for a unique destination wedding, or location for large group meetings as it can accomodate up to 70 people in its meeting room that is fully equipped with modern technology. 

Sextantio Albergo Diffuso offers eighteen rooms of different varieties: Classic, Superior and Suite with en suite bathrooms, with fireplaces and some with separate living areas. Each room at the Sextantio Albergo Diffuso is completely different from another and is uniquely minimalistic in design, just as it was in the Middle Ages. Rooms have options for smaller beds for children as well.

- Room 1: The House on the Shops - A quiet room, with queen bed, tub, and bath.
- Room 2-Camera della Fornacella - Cozy and warm, its name comes from the furnace used to prepare food. Double bed with bath. Also has a small wrought iron bed for a young child. 
- Room 3: Attic on the Square - Overlooks the square and the shops. Single room with double bed and shower bath.
- Room 4: Nursery - Named for the very high bed in the room, perhaps animals slept beneath the bed to emanate heat for the slumbering children during its medieval days. Double bed.
- Room 5: The Loggette - With coffered ceilings and furnished with simple furniture, double bed.
- Room 6: Fonte del Cane - Double bed plus a single room, with table and fireplace.
- Room 7: House on the Pinewood - Double bed.
- Room 8: Scala Segreta - Nestled in the heart of a medieval building, double and bath.
- Room 9: Camino Tondo - The focal point of this room is the fireplace, large and round.
- Room 10: Chamber of Via Boragno - Wood floors, double bed, fireplace
- Room 11: La Scala di Legno - Fireplace, double bed.
- Room 12: House on the Court - Large apartment facing the courtyard of the shops. Bedroom with bath and fireplace, double bedroom, bath with shower.
- Room 13: The White - Two level room with loft, fireplace.
- Room 14: Beams - Beamed ceilings, double bed, bath tub, fireplace
- Room 15:  The Swallows - Double bed, bath tub
- Room 16: Muro Torto - Double bed.
- Room 17: The Alley - Simply designed, double bed and bath.
- Room 18: The Alchemist - Double bed with bath and living area.
- Room 19: The Stable - Warm and inviting, double bed with bath
- Room 20: The Basement - Double bed and bath.
- Room 21: The Tower - Overlooking the Piazza Medici, double bed, bath and fireplace.
- Room 22: The Blue - Double bedroom, coffered ceilings, view of the mountains 

- Room service
- Floor Heater 
- Hairdryer and Natural handmade soaps
- Craft liquor and water in room
- Internet access

OTHER SERVICES available for a fee
- Babysitter
- Parking
- Massage
- Medical Service
- Cantina