In Rome you will see layers of history, from ancient to modern times, existing side by side. The center of the Catholic Church and the third most visited city in Europe, Rome has something for every seeker of culture and adventure. Once the center of the greatest empire on Earth, its universities, libraries, and museums are repositories of culture going back centuries. The Vatican Museums house many of the world’s great art treasures and are a favorite among art lovers worldwide. The Colosseum stands as both a great monument to the vast empire that was ancient Rome, while at the same time giving a warning to future generations about power and decadence. The city is known for its architecture, which spans centuries and offers a glimpse into the distant past as well as its influence on development through the years. Rome is one of Italy’s and the world’s great cities, a title it has held for centuries, a thought and an idea expressed in its past, and presently on display in the Eternal City.

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5 STAR HOTEL in Rome
Corso 281 Luxury Suites Roma is a 5-star boutique hotel located in a noble mansion dated back to the late 18th century in the historical heart of Rome.

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5 STAR HOTEL in Rome
The Hotel Indigo Rome - St. George is a five-star luxury hotel located in the historic center of Rome amidst galleries, boutiques, and workshops. The hotel perfectly...

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Be among the first to see the underground level of the Colosseum, open to the public now for the first time in history!

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Charles Dickens wrote in Pictures from Italy of The Colosseum that “the tremendous solitude at night is past all telling.” (1846.) Rome in the moonlight is an entirely...

Opera of Rome, What to do, Activites & Excursions | Cultural Italy

Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, Rome
Tickets & Calendar of Events 2020

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1 HOUR WINE & CHEESE TASTING Tasting is offered in a traditional Enoteca (Wine Bar) located in the eighteenth century Palazzetto Giangiacomo, in the heart of Rome. It is a family run wine bar...

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Rome, Florence, Tuscany

Just as one delights in traveling to the vineyard of their favorite wine to connect with the magic of the soil and terroir, so too does one experience the magic of...

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Rome, Venice

My sister and I absolutely loved our trip to Italy that Pia planned for us. We enjoyed seeing and doing the touristy things (museums, sights, etc.), but absolutely loved our excursions out of the...

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The Mille Miglia 2020: Drive in this famous race!
You could watch the cars in the historic recreation of the Mille Miglia or be driving one in it. Known as “the most...

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Meet the Travel Designers: Roberta Riddle
I was born and raised in Milan, in the north in Lombardy. I started studying foreign languages and came to the United States to San Diego, CA as an...

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The spectacular New Year's Day parade – now a wonderful Roman tradition – is bursting back to give the city a rousing start to 2020.
More than a thousand...

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Departing from Rome and ending in Venice. A Journey in Wonder: Designed for the Young and Young at Heart.