Cook & Relax in the Roman Countryside

Itinerary Details

This special day commences at around 9:30 AM in the morning. There will be a car waiting at the steps of your hotel, and from there the adventure shall begin. You will go to the ancient and very charming village of Mazzano Romano. In Mazzano, you will make your way to the lavish garden, filled with the freshness of spices and vegetables. You will pick everything that you need for the cooking lesson of the particular day, with the opportunity to pick the eggs right from the farm. Once inside, the lessons shall begin. The chef will take his time, slowly and clearly explaining how to cook with love and how to serve it in a rather beautiful manner. After all the lessons and the cooking, it will be time to eat!!! The house over looks a gigantic forest, with an overflowing river, and while sipping the taste of only the best wines that Italia has to offer, and eating all you have cooked, you will hear the soothing river flowing below, and feel the relaxing cool breeze.
After lunch, you will visit a nearby village called Calcata. From afar, it looks like one huge castle, but as you enter you realize that it’s a knit of a bunch of little homes. Calcata was taken over by hippies in the seventies, and thus there is much to see besides the beautiful scenery. There are various artists who sell their one-of-a-kind traits at reasonable prices. From here you will make your way to Monte Gelato. Monte Gelato is made up of a bunch of mini water falls, thin bridges and an old mill. The sight is truly miraculous. It is here, where many indie movies from the seventies and eighties have been filmed. After the falls, you will return back to Rome.
Every person that partakes in this course receives an own apron as a token to remember this special lesson and day, and also a pamphlet of the various recipes they learned throughout the course.