Best of Rome Tour

Itinerary Details

While Rome has much to offer, this tour is the Grand Highlight of the city.  Known for her famous piazzas and fountains, this tour will give you the best of the best.  Stand on the Spanish Steps and gaze down the Via Condotti beyond the fountain.  Stand beneath the open dome of the Pantheon, the Grand Lady of Rome.  She is the oldest structure in the city and she sits regal as a queen in the piazza.  See the Fountain of the Four Rivers in the Piazza Navona.  Be at one with Italy in the best open-air parlor in all of Europe.  Wind down past the Campo de Fiori.  Here, literally take time to smell the roses.  Finally, end at the Trevi Fountain.  Be sure to toss a coin in so that you will someday return to Rome.  Go with someone you love and hold hands.  You’re making a lifetime memory.