Colosseum by Night Tour

Itinerary Details

Charles Dickens wrote in Pictures from Italy of The Colosseum that “the tremendous solitude at night is past all telling.” (1846.) Rome in the moonlight is an entirely different city.  See her in her evening clothes beginning at La Campodoglio where Michelangelo’s curved surface reflects the moonlight from the sky.  Your expert English speaking tour guide will take you through the illuminated ruins where temples and arches will come to life with their stories.  The Sanctuary of the Vestal Virgins beckons you to see her secrets.  Trajan’s Column will point you into the direction of the keystone piece, the Colosseum of Rome.  This moonlit tour fills you with the quiet stillness of the night.  You will feel the ghosts of the gladiators as you stand on the arena floor.  Follow their footsteps in the tread ways where they waited with the animals for their deaths.  The dark of night adds to the macabre and majestic feeling in the greatest amphitheater on Earth.