Crypts & Catacombs Tour

Itinerary Details

While it is called the Eternal City, the macabre shroud of death hovers like an apparition from days gone by.  This tour takes you to the very foundation upon which Rome is built.  Underneath her bustling streets, there are catacombs and burial grounds and secrets.  The Capuchin Crypt and its Chapel of Bones is waiting for you to ponder on the souls who came (and left) before you.  See a burial ground at Domitilla Catacombs where the empire’s earliest Christians were buried.  Follow this up with a visit to the Church of San Clemente.  This fascinating house of worship sits atop another church from the 4th century.  Dig deeper into her secrets and see that even further below is a Pagan temple as the centerpiece of a Roman house.  Rome’s underworld is a prevalent part of her history.  To fully understand the city, you have to start at the bottom.