Michelangelo Tour

Itinerary Details

This tour for the favorite son of Italy showcases some of the greatest pieces he bestowed on La Cittá Eterna.  The tour begins in the Basilica of St. Peter’s in Vincoli, (in chains) with his sculpture of Moses at the unfinished tomb of Pope Julius II. It moves on to La Campidoglio Piazza (The Capitole Square) where Michelangelo’s spectacular architecture is on display in his dizzying and breathtaking mosaic egg design.  Climb the steps of the Cordonata, where at the base is the statue, “Capitoline Wolf” with Remus and Romulus.  Continue on to the Farnese Palace, home to the present day French Embassy.  It is a classic example of architecture of the Roman Renaissance.  Leased to the French for 99 years in 1936, this landmark’s windows do not prepare you for the beauty inside.