Rome by Night Tour

Itinerary Details

EARLY EVENING TOUR - walking & driving
This strolling walking tour begins as the moon is putting the sun to bed.  See the Spanish Steps with their rosy under glow from the night and the lights.  Wish again at the Trevi Fountain; watch the night play tricks on the statues’ faces.  The Pantheon will sneak up on you; frighten you, like a child jumping out from the dark.  See the Piazza Navona at night.  She is altogether a different lady by moonlight.  Vendors and music and the rush of the fountain make this one of the coziest living rooms in Europe.  The next leg of the tour continues by bus or private car.  Speeding towards the Tiber River, you’ll see the Castel Sant’Angelo wading in the river.  Rome’s skyline is one of history and art.  See the Pantheon peeking up through the rooftops and hiding behind her, the Colosseum.  Pass through Piazza Venezia and see Trajan’s Column lit from below.  Finally, come face to face with the prince of them all, the Colosseum at night.  He is regal and grand and fierce in moonlight.  Looking out over the Roman Forum your tour guide will introduce you to one of the most iconic structures in the world.