Tour to Cerveteri & Tarquinia

Itinerary Details

The most famous Etruscan centers in the world, this UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization) Heritage Site tour includes the “Necropolis” or City of the Dead.  Cerveteri, also named “Banditaccia” is designed as a city.  It has piazzas and neighborhoods for the deceased.  In fact, these “homes” are all that is left of Etruscan residential architecture.  They are decorated with ancient frescoes, depicting a civilization long gone.  Tarquinia, also known as “Monterozzi” contains over 6,000 tombs.   A Pre-Roman civilization, these landmarks date back as far as the 7th century B.C.   This tour also includes a visit to The National Museum, “Cerite” with its treasures of Etruscan civilization.