Tour to Ostia Antica

Itinerary Details

“The Better Pompeii”, this harbor town is only a 30-minute jaunt from Rome.  Founded in 4 B.C., this perfectly preserved time capsule has stayed the same through the millennia. The Decumanus Maximus, “The Main Street” is just as it was during the Roman Empire.  Your tour guide will lead you back in history to where you are literally walking the same streets and seeing the same sights.  Built in 12 B.C. the Amphitheater is not to be missed.  Stand there amid this testament to Roman architecture, and then marvel at the Forica (the Communal toilets) and statues that overlook you every step of the way.  The Baths of Neptune beckon you to come in for a swim amidst the mosaics.  This tour concludes with a 30-minute ride through the western Roman countryside, La Campagna.