Papal Audience

Itinerary Details

Come to the Vatican City where Pope Francis greets his faithful flock of pilgrims from around the world.  Prepare for an audience with the Holy Father commencing from Castel Sant’Angelo, the Castle of the Archangel Michael.  Created as a mausoleum for the Emperor Hadrian, this fortress protected generations of popes.  Take “un passagiatto”  (a walk) from the castle towards the Basilica of St. Peter’s on the famed “Passetto.”  At the gates of St. Peter’s (on Earth,) enjoy fellowship with other pilgrims seeking a glimpse of The Holy Father as you stand shoulder to shoulder with Bernini’s and Michelangelo’s handiwork.  Your tour guide will engage you with fantastic and interesting facts about the interwoven history of the Romans and the Seat of St. Peter.  This is a once in a lifetime pilgrimage for the faithful and historians alike.  Pope Francis will speak in a variety of languages, offering the Gospel for all present.  Be sure to bring your religious relics for a Papal blessing. (Dress Code Alert:  Women: skirts, knees and arms covered.  Men: slacks and arms covered.  Bags are searched prior to entrance.)