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Which travel credit cards should I consider?

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Reward credit cards have been around for years. When it comes to traveling, travel perks are nice, but you really want to make sure you earn a lucrative sign-up bonus and generous rewards for each dollar you spend on your card as well. To help with your search,

Meet Our Travel Designers: Roberta Riddle

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Roberta Riddle
I was born and raised in Milan, in the north in Lombardy. I started studying foreign languages and came to the United States to San Diego, CA as an au pair. My plan was to stay for six months and really study English and I ended up staying. I really loved it, I loved the ocean and being by the water. It’s hard for me to compare Italy to San Diego because I love both and my family is still in Milan and some in Tuscany. When I go back I get a chance to go back to both Milan and Tuscany, and I try to go back as much as I can.