Venetian Mask-Making Workshop

Itinerary Details

With this mask-making workshop, you will learn about the past and present of Venice’s most iconic export from one of the city’s leading experts. This is a great experience for aspiring creatives, families or anyone with a sense of fun. 

You'll have a chance to see a demonstration of how Venetian masks are made, how the mould is built and the papier-mâché carefully laid to dry. You’ll hear about the tradition of mask-making and wearing in Venice, a practice that stemmed out of necessity and transformed into a unique way to break down class divisions – a way to step outside the bounds of what was socially acceptable just for a night. You’ll be guided through all the different types of masks, from the Plague Doctor to the Bauta mask that became the standardized costume for political rallies in the Republic of Venice when a secret ballot was required.

Browse another gallery of masks for ideas before you receive your own pre-made mask and then get to work. You’ll have all the tools of the trade at your disposal – from paints to accessories to a very clever trick your host will demonstrate to make your brand new creation look ancient. Not only is this mask-making tour an opportunity to learn about the fascinating culture behind the ubiquitous Venetian mask, it’s a fantastic day out for all the family and something you will remember for years to come. 

Multiple days workshops available upon request.