Artisan Shops in Venice

Itinerary Details

An unusual yet enchanting promenade in the heart of Venice, to discover its inaccessible Artisans whom continue the ancient traditions of fabric weaving, glass blowing and bead making, hand-made paper, and the manufacturing of the uniquely Venetian gondolas.

Different Sestieri (districts) and many local Artisans still continue to work as they did in the past; with a local tour guide, you will customize your visit to see the most ancient Weavers of Venice, some of the most exclusive and hidden fabric creators, a Gondola manufacturer, the carnival masks painter, and the period dress tailor. Artists who make Venice unique and famous all over the world will open their doors for you, for private and exceptional visits.

During the tour, if time allows, you may stop in a couple of local and relaxing Wine Bars to restore yourselves, have a typical venetian aperitivo (wine and nibbles) that will give you the strength to proceed in your unique journey.