Venetian Bacari Tour

Itinerary Details

Get a taste of authentic Venice, wandering between several bácari (wine bars) and stop to nibble a range of finger foods.

In Venice there exists a kind of public place which is absolutely unique, and really vital for any real insider. It's called "bàcaro", and it's a sort of a wine bar, but not really only a wine bar. A Venetian goes to a bàcaro every time he wants a break, maybe to see some friends or to have a chat: while he spends his time there, he eats tidbits of local food ("cicheti") with a glass of typical local wine ("ombra"). The "cicheti"can be very different kinds of food, but everything is a local speciality: for example, you can eat fried fish or black cuttlefish, meatballs or bread rolls, breaded cheese or sauteed vegetables. No real Venetian spends a day without going to a bácaro to taste something while having a break. This tour will let you visit three typical bàcari, where you are going to eat and drink the typical local food and wine; your guide will explain everything about what you are going to taste, and of course about every important piece of art and architecture along the way.