Doge’s Palace & the Secret Itineraries Tour

Itinerary Details

This tour of the palace visits all the best sights open to the public in addition to the Secret Itineraries. Within its premises justice was administered by the Doge, and not always with equity and impartiality. You’ll be standing in the Hall of Four Doors, where ambassadors used to nervously wait for an audience, and you’ll marvel at the flattering works produced on demand by the Lords of that time, like ‘The Triumph of Venice’ in the Senate by Tintoretto, or Veronese’s ‘Virtues of the Republic’ in the Council Room. About this room, the 19th century English art critic John Ruskin said that no other room in the Doge's palace allowed a visitor to "enter so deeply into the heart of Venice".
You’ll also visit the Chamber of the Council of Ten where you’ll admire Veronese’s ‘Juno Bestowing her Gifts on Venice’. Here, an eerie looking slot was used by anonymous enemies who would slip in treason accusations, which could later result in a death sentence. Your tour also includes a visit to the attic prison where Venice’s famous lover and writer Casanova outwitted the guards and managed to escape, and to the spectacular Bridge of Sighs. As they took their last look at beautiful Venice the prisoners that walked over it on their way to the cells across the canal couldn’t help but sigh. Across the Bridge of Sighs you’ll also catch a glimpse of the New Prisons.