Luxury in 18th Century Venice

Itinerary Details

The journey into the luxurious Venetian past begins with the only textile workshop left in town, still weaving traditional velvets and brocades on the original 18th century looms. Two sites are particularly representative of the lifestyle and ambience of this period: Ca’ Mocenigo - i.e. the museum of Venetian Costume, and Ca’ Rezzonico, the museum of 18th century Venetian civilization. 

The first was initially a patrician residence featuring valuable 18th century artworks, and it is also home to the Study Centre for the History of Textiles and Costumes. A fine selection of rare textiles and costumes of particular importance is housed in this charming noble home, displaying also a unique collection of rich Venetian accessories, old fabrics, original furnishing, mirrors, velvets, curtains, and wall stuccoes. 

The latter is a huge "palazzo" on the Grand Canal, and one of the best windows into the lavish lifestyle of the nobility of 250 years ago in Venice. Ca' Rezzonico - named after the wealthy merchant family who bought the place in 1751 - is a work of art, and features original period furniture and works of art by the most important artists of the period, including Guardi, Longhi, Canaletto, Tiepolo and Tintoretto. You’ll witness the splendor of a family and of a society that over the centuries has contributed to create the glory of Venice.