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Dolce Vita at Lake Lugano: A One Day Sweet Retreat


Dolce Vita at Lake Lugano: A One Day Sweet Retreat

While exploring Northern Italy and after having visited beautiful Milan, Como, Bergamo and Stresa, and their seething streets pumping with sun, energy and life, it is time to escape in a peaceful and quiet paradise. After busy days of intense shopping, sightseeing and walking, wouldn’t you enjoy a one day retreat in a place where you don’t have to do anything – just sit on a shore taking in the the sun, alpine air, a soft breeze and a breathtaking view on… Switzerland?

Why not? Less than 100 km away from Milan, there is a beautiful glacial Lugano lake located 271 m above the sea level and surrounded by thousand-meters-high mountain peaks. Switzerland owns 63% of this lake while the remaining 37% is Italian territory. You won’t find big cities there. Well, at least there is none on the Italian wing but you will love what you see.

Claino con Osteno is one the few villages that you can visit on Lake Lugano. It is a tiny borgo with 527 inhabitants. However, while being so small, it features a classic must-have kit that any Italian city can offer to its guests. The church of San Pietro and Paolo dates back to the XVI century. It has a lovely piazza with 2 bars serving yummy cappuccino, fizzy spritz and delicious panini. It has a talkative hundred years old grandpa who is hundred times more efficient than any tourist information office! Most importantly, it has an unlimited stock of “dolce vita” spirit that the town gladly shares with everybody who stops by. A truly perfect place for a one day sweet escape!

Maria Novozhilova


twitter: @NovozhilovaM