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Dolce vita: Five Reason To Visit Montevecchia


Dolce vita: 5 reason to visit Montevecchia

Want to try Dolce Vita while staying near to the Italy’s highest skyscrapers and world’s best shopping city? Then Montevecchia is for you. Located just 40 km away from Milan, this tiny city is an amazing retreat for unconventional travelers, and here the 5 reasons why you will definitely love this place.

1.       Food miles. Montevecchia is exactly what you imagine when you hear about food miles. It is especially famous for its wine production and aromatic herbs: Montevecchia’s sage and rosemary are officially listed as Lombardy’s best products. Not to mention local farms, of course. And what is best is that you can simply hike to get the freshest food ever!

2.       No cars. As it often happens in Italy, the historical center is simply closed to traffic. The characteristic tiny and steep streets are not really suitable for cars and locals don’t even try to break rules. Routes of professional cyclists, trained hikers and lazy tourist coming from noisy Milan are the only one to cross the silent streets of Montevecchia.  

3.       Breathtaking view. Montevecchia is located on a hilly area about 500 mt. above the sea level, which makes this town a perfect place to admire the Italian Prealps (Alpine foothills) that spread toward Lake Lecco. The mountains are really near, so if you’ve been thinking about hiking, now you have a great chance to start.

4.       Park. The park, known as Regional Park of Montevecchia and Valle del Curone, is a protected territory inhabited by some rare species such crayfish, salamander, yew –  just to mention some.

5.       And it is close to Milan. So when you’ll get tired of the Italian slow rural life style, pure oxygen air and mountain landscapes, just get on a car and in 40 minutes you’ll be in the heart of Milan.

Ready to try?

Maria Novozhilova
twitter: @NovozhilovaM