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Hermes at Milan Design Week 2019: Combining The Useful And Beautiful


Hermes at Milan Design Week 2019: combining the useful and beautiful.

Graceful and delicate and, at the same time, featuring powerful aesthetics and elaborate geometries: this is what you will feel visiting Home collection by Maison Hermes at the heart of Brera Design district in via Palermo 10. Yes, feel, because this year the Hermes embraces visitors with a dramatic space made of dimmed lights, strong scent of raw materials and dry stone walls contrasting fragile and sophisticated objects on display.

“He observes them, sorts them one by one, and stacks them skillfully without mortar. A man builds a dry wall. The careful choice of each of these stones is a link between nature and culture. Revealing the material is entirely contained within his actions: combining the useful and beautiful, and finding the right balance”.

Slowly we discover, indeed, that the raw walls that accompany us throughout the visit have something in common with the collection: elementary forms, pure lines, woven patterns and meticulously assembled parts. All looking for a perfection.

Coulisse table lamp made by Tomas Alonso emerges as an aerial screen in colored paper. Its geometric composition is combined with a copper circle supporting the light source. The whole composition seems to be designed to create an interplay of shadow and light evocative of a theatre stage.  

Rubans Casaque wastepaper baskets are formed by meticulously woven, brightly colored bands of leather. Plaids, rugs, fabrics and wallpaper speak to us  graphic languages. All indeed are beautiful and useful.

Maria Novozhilova
twitter: @NovozhilovaM